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  • Penta Completions offers a full line of steel and fiberglass sucker rods and accessories, including pony rods, sinker bars and polish rods to equip rod-pumped oil wells.

  • To ensure good bottom hole pump performance we also carry downhole gas separators for both vertical and horizonal wellbores, as well as wellhead compressors.

  • Automation products are playing an increasingly important role in the oil industry, and Penta Completions offers a complete line of equipment to help automate and optimize oil well pumping.

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Services & Training

Each rod string supplied by Penta Completions is specifically designed for each individual wellbore, based on the deviation survey and characteristics of the well being placed on artificial lift (including guiding style and placement).

We also provide dynamometer services, including fluid levels, pump intake pressure (PIP) and Inflow Performance Relationship (IPR) calculations, and optimization recommendations. To complement these services, we analyze and troubleshoot problem wells, since problem wells can lead to unreasonable operating costs for operators each year. Thanks to Penta's analysis and troubleshooting services, operators can decrease their downtime, reduce servicing costs, and increase run life and profits.

Penta Completions believes that training is a very valuable tool for oil companies to optimize their wells; we offer a full range of courses to the energy industry. This includes a Principles of Pumping school, as well as Operating Training, Introduction to Rod Pumping, and Care and Handling of Sucker Rods courses for service personnel. While the Principles of Rod Pumping school is offered in a classroom setting during the spring and fall, our other courses are best done on-site at the oil company's location.

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