Penta Completions

Design & Analysis

Predictive Rod Pumping System Design

Proper design for vertical & deviated wellbores ensures the rod pumping equipment installed is the best it can be for the application at hand.

We work closely with the guiding facility to ensure the guide material, guide type and placement will protect both rod string and tubing when pumping through a deviated section. Penta's optimized vertical well designs can reduce gearbox torque, power consumption and failure frequency.

Our deviated and horizontal designs get the pump as close to True Vertical Depth (TVD) as possible, without sacrificing run lives, including guiding requirements.

Vertical and Horizontal Well Analyses

Using Lufkin Automation's SROD program, Penta Completions will calculate side, axial and drag loading on vertical, deviated or horizontal wells. This allows Penta Completions to design a rod string with proper guiding, which will provide an acceptable run life and minmize capital costs.

Inspection Services & Failure Analyses

When rod quality is unknown or suspect, Penta Completions will do a complete rod inspection. If rods have failed, at the request of the customer we'll perform a complete failure analysis, including metallurgical tests of any component of a failed rod string or pump.

Diagnostic & Optimization

In addition to design assistance, Penta Completions also offers a complete suite of on-site technical services:

Well Simulation

Penta will analyze existing production and simulate actual well conditions using dynamometer or controller card information. Based on this data, we can make optimization recommendations.

Well Monitoring

We supply and install Lufkin Automation's Well Manager (formerly the "SAM" pump off controller), providing optimum control for rod-pumped wells when combined with Variable Frequency Drives (VFD).

Dynamometer Services

Dynamometer testing & supply services are performed by Penta's field service technicians, who are trained to collect & analyze data using state-of-the-art equipment. Having the analysis software on location allows our technicians to ensure the data that's gathered is both accurate and meaningful.


When required, Penta Completions will troubleshoot problem wells in order to pinpoint the problem occurring within the well and then make detailed recommendations to solve any production problems.